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StellarPages - Make your own website and share it with friends, in just minutes!

Welcome to StellarPages! Here at StellarPages, we can help you set up your own website. You don't have to know how, we'll walk you through it! We'll host your webpages and help you set them up, free of charge, and free of yucky advertisements. Join our fun and active community, our forums, and our contests to talk with some of our members and earn free money. Promote your website and fully customize your own cool webpage!
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Read our introductory message below, then register to start enjoying all the neat features! If you have any problems, ask us directly for help on our Contact Us page, or ask other members through our Forums.


A lot of people do. The Internet is a wonderful place. There is so much you can publish online, for example you can:
  • Create a photo gallery
  • Archive your stories, poems, or articles
  • Create informational web pages
  • Keep an online organizer, accessible from anywhere
  • Make a clan or group website
  • Play around with webdesign
  • Create an online store for your tangible and intangible goods

However, most people lack the knowledge to even begin webpages. Maybe they don't want to go through the hassle of setting one up. Maybe they don't want to have to pay money just for someone to do it for them, or maybe they don't want annoying ads on their pages. Who wants a huge banner running across their site anyway?

We know how annoying it is. We'll host your webpages, COMPLETELY FREE, and offer you an array of web development tools. All you need to know is a little HTML. StellarPages is perfect for people who want to make their own webpage without any prior experience. And, you never have to pay if you don't want to. We won't put ads on your pages, and we won't make you sign up for ridiculous offers. All we do is provide an easy interface for you to manage a website. No ads, no cost! You can enjoy and explore all of the innovative features after signing up.


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